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A feature film by Jessy Moravec

Written by Jessy Moravec & Liliane Ott

Status: In Development


Marlie, Smila, Silas and Taro, four strangers who couldn’t be more different, meet in the mysterious house of an artist. They all share a dark, recurring dream about this house, although none of them have ever been inside. Together, they spend a weekend in the house to finally figure out the meaning of the nightmares. They are accompanied by the enigmatic dream interpreter Dara, who promises them a remedy for their nightmares. This requires facing their darkest fears and secrets, which is difficult for all involved. The journey leads deeper into the house until the line between dream and reality begin to blur. It seems as if their answers lie in the attic, which is, however, inaccessible.

Development supported by Migros Engagement - Ideation.


Mood Pictures

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