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A feature film by Liliane Ott and Carmen Stadler

When Isabel, a troubled, uprooted young woman, loses her best friend Markus to suicide, she meets and latches onto seemingly good Samaritan Paul, who, unbeknownst to her, played an unwilling part in Marcus’ death.

In development – supported by Bundesamt für Kultur and Zurich Film Fund.


A collective feature film by Talkhon Hamzavi, Jessy Moravec, Liliane Ott and Martin Skalsky

One hotel room, four decades: Four writer-directors explore stories about the tension between longing for independence and the security of the familiar, all set in the same hotel room over the timespan of a hundred years. 

Part I of the Transmedia Project Hotel Excelsior. 


Winner of the FAST TRACK competition of the Zurich Film Fund in 2023. . Winn



A series by Talkhon Hamzavi and Liliane Ott


A modern re-imagining of a “1001 Nights”: When the rebellious Scheherezade decides to seduce the murderous king Shariar, she must rely on her wits and creativity to survive him and the treacherous court politics while striving to become the first queen with true agency and power.

Participant in the Torino SeriesLab 2023.


A feature film by Jessy Moravec


Four strangers haunted by a recurring dream about a mysterious house seek answers with the help of dream interpreter, Dara. As they confront their darkest secrets, reality blurs, and they're led to the house's attic, where the truth awaits. 

Development supported by Migros Engagement - Ideation.


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